Toxicology Faculty

Professional Science Master’s programs at UNC-Chapel Hill are highly interdisciplinary and leverage the strengths of world-renowned faculty from a variety of departments. ┬áSome of the faculty who teach in the Toxicology PSM program are highlighted below.

Name Photo School Department/Division
Kim R. Brouwer, PharmD, PhD
Brouwer Pharmacy Pharmacotherapy
Mohanish P. Deshmukh, PhD
Mohanish1 Medicine Cell Biology and Physiology
Rebecca Fry, PhD
fry_rebecca_2010 Public Health Environmental Sciences
Ilona Jaspers, PhD
Ilona Jaspers MedicinePublic Health Pediatrics, Micro & Immunology Environmental Sciences
Jeffrey Macdonald, PhD
Medicine Biomedical Engineering
Leslie Morrow, PhD
morrow2w Medicine Psychiatry
Leena Nylander-French, PhD
nylanderfrench_leena_2012 Public Health Environmental Sciences
Scott Randell, PhD
Randell Medicine Cell Biology and Physiology
Philip C. Smith, PhD
Philip Smith Pharmacy Molecular Pharmaceutics
Mirek Styblo, PhD
GGG_styblo_miroslav2 Public Health Nutrition
James Swenberg, DVM, PhD
GGG_swenberg-james Public Health Environmental Sciences
Alexander Tropsha, PhD
Tropsha Pharmacy Medicinal Chemistry
Cyrus Vaziri, PhD
Vaziri Medicine Pathology
Paul Watkins, MD
Watkins MedicinePharmacyPublic Health MedicinePharmacotherapyEnvironmental Sciences
Bernard Weissman, PhD
Weissman Medicine Pathology and Lab Medicine