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UNC-Chapel Hill is proud to offer three Professional Science Master’s programs – Biomedical and Health Informatics, Toxicology and Digital Curation and Management.

Professional Science Master’s programs prepare graduates to thrive by providing both high-rigor technical skills and the business fundamentals, project management, leadership and communication skills that employers want.

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Through one of our Professional Science Master’s program, you will:

  • Expand your technical knowledge
  • Learn the fundamentals of business
  • Develop skills to compete successfully for professional jobs
  • Gain practical experience with a rigorous internship

Expand your technical knowledge

You will participate in PhD-level coursework so that you enter the work force understanding the cutting edge of your field. Exposure to industry experts and faculty who lead research efforts will ensure that you understand the emerging frontiers within your expertise.

Learn business fundamentals

Gain a breadth of business knowledge that will help you navigate within organizational culture and accelerate your career. Interactive classes in highly-desirable skills such as communications, leading and managing, managerial accounting, and project management will complement your technical skills.

Develop skills to compete successfully for professional jobs

Learn how to present yourself professionally and participate fully in the many networking opportunities available in the RTP area. Practice these skills with seasoned professionals in our seminar series tailored to professionals with the goal of working in a STEM career.

Gain practical experience with a rigorous internship

Apply your technical and business knowledge during an internship with one of the many organizations in the Research Triangle area. Your internship will provide an opportunity to work within a real-world team environment and participate in projects that incorporate your breadth of knowledge.

All Professional Science Master’s students are required to complete a practicum at a point in the program that is academically appropriate. Students meet with their advisers during the first semester of the program to map out course sequences and to establish the semester in which the required practicum is to be completed.  Most full time students will engage in the practicum during the first summer of their program.

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