Announcing Dr. Dan Kemp as Director of the Toxicology Professional Science Master’s program

The Toxicology PSM program at UNC-Chapel Hill exists today in great part due to the extraordinary vision and expert guidance of its first director, Dr. Marila Cordeiro-Stone.  As she has phased into retirement, and even now in full retirement, Dr. Cordeiro-Stone has worked tirelessly to help the program transition to a new director.

Dr. Daniel Kemp

Dr. Daniel Kemp

We are now pleased to announce that Dr. Daniel Kemp has begun his work as Toxicology PSM director.  Dr. Kemp comes to Carolina with a background rich in academic and industry experience, ready to lead the program into its next phase.

As an alumnus of the UNC-Chapel Hill Curriculum in Toxicology, Dr. Kemp understands the PSM Toxicology curriculum and our rigorous expectations for the program.  Dr. Kemp’s industry experience will ensure the program meets the needs and expectations of the scientific and business communities.  He has worked in a variety of toxicology roles at GlaxoSmithKline, including senior director of Discovery Quality and Risk Management.  Dr. Kemp served in 2015 as director of Preclinical Toxicology Services at The Hamner Institutes for Health Sciences and recently transitioned to Quintiles, where he currently serves as director of Process Quality Assurance.

We are very pleased to welcome Dr. Kemp.