• What is a Professional Science Master’s program?

    Science-based employers look for professionals with science knowledge as well as business fundamentals, project management, leadership and communication skills. By enrolling in a Professional Science Master’s program, you can achieve these desired work skills for the 21st century job market.


  • Etiquette Luncheon

    Event Date: January 23 @ 12:00 pm

    This luncheon seminar will provide insights into effective business meal tactics, styles of eating, silverware savvy and more.

  • One Health Intellectual Exchange Discussion Series

    Event Date: January 24 @ 5:30 pm

    A discussion series, sponsored by the North Carolina One Health Collaborative (NC OHC) within the NCBC Intellectual Exchange Group (IEG) Program to enhance collaborations between physicians, veterinarians,
    researchers and other local / global / environmental health professionals by increasing public awareness of the interconnectedness of people, animals and the environment.